As part of the Northwest Indie Perfumer's Circuit, this month we are featuring Phoenicia Perfumes. On February 9th at the Blackbird Apothecary, you are invited to meet the perfumer David Falsberg, smell his fragrances, and enjoy free beverages provided by Wine World. 

Phoenicia Perfumes is a heavily autobiographical perfume line. David began making fragrance after suffering a medical trauma that rendered him blind for nearly a year, while simultaneously boosting the strength of his olfactory system. With complete dedication to illustrating the power and beauty of fragrance, David created Phoenicia Perfumes to raise awareness for Steven Johnson Syndrome, the lethal disease he suffered that resulted in his temporary blindness. A portion of the proceeds from all Skin Graft (one of David's perfumes) sales go to the Steven Johnson Syndrome Foundation.

You can read more about Phoenicia Perfumes by clicking through the link to the Facebook event page:

See you Saturday!