The Blackbird Apothecary space is still ours, so we condensed everything on sale from both stores into the Blackbird Apothecary. We also did another round of mark-downs and added a ton of new merchandise to the sale. The price alert has moved to "Insanely Low," so do pick up what you need before someone else does.

Browse below for a fairly comprehensive selection of what we still have available. We are selling everything. Do be patient scrolling through as most of the remaining clothing we have is at the very bottom. 

Everything pictured is still available. You can eMail to enquire, but you should really just come down to the store to see what you're looking at in person.

Blackbird Apothecary is located at 5404 22nd AVE NW, 2 doors down from the old Blackbird space. We hope you knew that already.