APC: New Standard Raw - Straight Leg

APC's "New Standard" straight leg in Raw $140.

Our best selling jean is now back in stock. This jean is priced well and gets a lot of attention from the denim folks. Blackbird has been selling around a pair a day since they arrived in February. When we ran out completely a few weeks ago we found out that our next shipment was to be delayed until June. To our surprise, a box showed up this week and we have APC jeans again!

The whole idea around raw denim is that *YOU* wear them, *YOU* put the marks on them in the spots they're supposed to be and they are then a "reflection of YOUR soul" and 100% unique. You can buy a look or be a look. I think both ideas are great.

Caution! They stretch a lot, so buy them tight. Also, we are recommending that you not wash them. I know that sounds strange so here are some links to information on raw denim and (not) laundering your jeans.

Washington Post: The Tao of Denim: If It's Not Worn, You Have Nothing On

superfuture::supertalk - Where all of the denim-heads discuss, show pictures of and trade jeans.

Here's a random fella wearing his New Standards to bed.

Here's another guy posing tough in his New Standard *Cure* skinny jeans. We are expecting an order of these next month. Sorry, we do not carry Bathing Ape.

These two pictures show a pair after 6 months wear that were washed once at 3 months.
Sorry... You'll need to turn your head a little for this one. The marks on the back are called *honeycombing* and you can achieve this from not washing your jeans. To help the process along, apply spray starch to the area and wear.