More Diet Butcher Slim Skin has arrived, including the already incredibly popular boots and shoes. Get ready for a whole bunch of pictures. Every time I thought I had everything I needed, I just found more details to try and photograph.

Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D81P142 Narrow pants
in black, 100% cotton amundsen
DETAILS: A really incredible fitting pant in a fabric unlike anything else. Although these are 100% fabric, just by touching it you would swear it was either a wool or rough linen blend. Check out the close up photos too to see the beautiful subtle texturing. They are lined from the top to knee in cupra, have logo'd button details, riri zipper at the fly, and are made in Japan. Size 1 fits approximately a 28, 2 approximate a 29. Worn in the pictures with D81D007 Shoes (shown below).
sizes: 1, 2 (Sold out)

Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D81C292 Double layer tank top
in ecru gray
DETAILS: This tanktop is fully double layered. With the two layers coming together at the sleeves and hem, the collar is left free to drape and hang as you wish. The top layer is a light 100% cotton while the bottom is 80% cotton, 20% silk, both layers of a t-cloth fabric.
sizes: 1, 2 (sold out)

Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D81D009 Leather boots
in dark brown, 100% cowhide
DETAILS: Absolutely stunning! Every detail of these boots contributes to them being like nothing you will see again. The official color is listed as dark brown but it is such an interesting shade which in some areas appears almost as a very deep purple. Just by handling these you can really see such a huge amount of hand workings which went into them, including the nailed inner and outer soles, incredible stacked heel, and dye processing.
sizes: 1 (41), 2 (42), 3 (43)

Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D81D007 Leather shoes
in black, 100% cowhide
DETAILS: And the already famous shoes from the collection! These feature many of the same beautiful details as the boots, particularly the hand nailed inner and outer soles and stacked heel, but have a slimmer silhouette and very original toggle tie closure. The color is a gorgeous black/very dark charcoal shade which varies slightly throughout the shoe.
sizes: 2 (42)