A recent article on, "The 600 Club", suggests some cool American-made goods to buy with your tax rebate. The idea is: spending your money will stimulate the economy, but spending it on American-made goods will keep the money in the U.S. and increase the value of the dollar.

This got us thinking about Blackbird items that are made in the USA. Here's a list of things you can buy in our store that will make Uncle Sam proud (click on the links to see more product info):

Lynchburg, VA - Moore & Giles - leather goods
New York and California - Obedient Sons - suits, shirts, and jackets
California - Baxter of California - men's grooming products
North Carolina - Rag & Bone - shirts, pants, and jeans
New Jersey - Malin + Goetz - grooming products, candles, and fragrances
Somewhere, USA - Loden Dager - pants and shirts
San Fransisco, CA - B. Son - cotton jersey shirts
New York and California - Band of Outsiders - suits, shirts, and ties
New York - Patrik Ervell - jackets, shirts, and pants
Los Angeles, CA - Simon Miller - jeans
Portland, OR - Tanner - leather belts
Somewhere, USA - Sharp's - grooming products
Made by the Amish in Upstate New York - Billykirk - bags and wallets

Photos from "The 600 Club" on
[right: Band of Outsiders shirts and ties, ties available at Blackbird]
[left: Patrik Ervell jacket, available at Blackbird]