Ballard is one of the main highlights of "Seattle - Lefse is beautiful!", the Seattle travel guide in Scandinavian Airlines' in-flight magazine's March issue. We're especially excited to see our neighborhood featured as one of the city's top destinations. The article is in Norwegian, so we paid a visit to our friends at Olsen's Scandinavian Foods and got some help with a few translations*...

Their introduction is a short description of Ballard: "In Ballard, it's popular to be Norwegian. Norwegians have been coming here since the late 1800s. Things are changing though. Ballard is becoming hip, but Olsen's Scandinavian Foods still stands strong." A humorous caption also describes one of Ballard's specialties: "Driving Ballard-style; small, Scandinavian ladies in big cars driving extra-cautiously with their left blinker on all the time".

They also recommend Blackbird, and offer a short description of our store: "Blackbird: Fashion boutique for men. A large selection from several well-known designers. They also have a selection of small things like wallets and shaving supplies". They also interviewed our previous manager, Ari Cohen, for his recommendations on where to shop and eat in Ballard.

Brush up on your Norwegian or just check out the pictures and maps - click on the images to enlarge our copy of the entire article below.

[clips from SAS Norge Magasinet, March 2008]

*All quotes are loose translations of the article; originally published in Norwegian.