Mother's Day is not about buying mom cards and flowers, but showing her that all that "raising you right" really worked. The cards, flowers and gifts are also good.

We asked some Blackbird moms to help us create a list of what would impress them this Mother's Day and here's what they came up with.

  • Wear a tie to Mother's Day brunch
  • Talk to her; get to know her a little better. Listen and stop talking about yourself for a minute. (we thought this one was funny!)
  • Take her to a play at The 5th Avenue Theater.
  • Mow her lawn like you used to when you were 16
  • Surprise her at work and take her to lunch at the local Victorian themed tea house
  • Write her a short story about when you were a kid...
  • Take her on a road trip to La Conner to go antiquing
  • Create an iPhoto book chronicling your greatest moments of the past year (mom's love brag books)
  • Secretly steal her favorite shoes, handbag and/or coat and have it professionally cleaned and repaired
  • Buy her a spa gift card for two so she can go with a friend or with you
  • Clean her car
  • Get a haircut and shave
  • Wear a button down shirt tucked in
  • Upgrade her favorite appliance. You might just get a free (used) mixer out of the deal.
  • Change her light bulbs
  • Clean her garage
  • Buy her a fragrance (think Comme des Garcons 8 88 or Odour 53)
  • Upgrade her from dial-up to broadband
  • Have her windows washed professionally. Especially the outside.
  • Offer to finally move out of your childhood room or take those last boxes of yearbooks and Star Wars action figures out of the garage. She would love the extra space and to know you've finally grown up.
  • If you are artistic, make something especially for her. A song. A drawing. A step stool.
  • Refill her favorite cosmetics (they're expensive)
  • Cook for her
  • Have her upholstery or carpets cleaned. We recommend D.A. Burns.
  • Re-gravel the paths in her garden
  • Upgrade her laptop bag to a Want L.E.V. bag in gray leather
Pick one and if you are ambitious pick two.

p.s. We open at 9:00 on Sunday.