A great new interview with Tim Hamilton just came out on eastvillageboys.com. Hamilton, one of our new designers this Spring, talks about his Iowa upbringing, getting his start in fashion at Ralph Lauren, and of course, his own clothing in their article "Tim Hamilton, Heir Apparent".

Tim Hamilton in NY this year
[photo from eastvillageboys.com]

a few of Tim Hamilton's looks
[photo from eastvillageboys.com]

Hamilton explains that fabrics and their movement are the starting point for his designs, with inspirations like the people and objects around him adding to the look of each season (think 60's furniture, his intern's book on the Polish ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinksy, and his 20-something friends in Paris and Japan). Regarding his background, he does admit that his family gave him an early sense of looking put together that marks his personal style, but he doesn't feel that his Iowa upbringing has a heavy impact on his clothing.

It's fun to be privy to this and a few more personal details that we hope for in a good interview, but this interview is really special because of Tim Hamilton's authenticity. He doesn't come off as pretentious, but simply offers down to earth, non-contrived responses to his interviewer's questions, and even gets a bit playful. Check out the interview ["Tim Hamilton, Heir Apparent"], and see his clothing in our store and on our blog [previous posts]. Enjoy!