What do the designers behind Blackbird's brands want for Father's Day? Chickens and Ferraris, of course!

Men.style.com's Father's Day feature, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad... Playboy Dad", suggests gift ideas for every kind of Dad: Corporate, Military, Tech, New Age, Outdoorsman, Blue Collar, and yes, even the Playboy Dad. Our favorite is the bonus at the end of the article, where they show what "8 tastemaking dads" want for Father's Day, including plenty of designers of brands that we carry at Blackbird.

Here are a few favorites (photos and quotations from men.style.com):

Marcus Wainwright, designer, Rag & Bone

"Just a day to myself with my wife and son...That's really it, unless someone wants to give me a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. It's a stripped-down racing version of the standard 430. It was developed by Scuderia Ferrari, which is the Formula 1 division of Ferrari, and is basically a street-legal racing vehicle. How can you go wrong?"

Swaim Hutson, designer, Obedient Sons

"I'd like a vintage Cartier tank watch from my wife for being a good dad. I like ones from the thirties."

Chris Bray, designer, Billy Kirk

"I'd like two more chickens for my chicken coop. I just finished [building] a two-level coop, and Rosey and Jim need some friends."

Steven Alan, designer/retailer

A Paul Stuart panama hat: "Since I shave my head, I have to wear something to protect myself from the sun, and this is a good classic hat."