Spring Court tennis shoes were featured in the June 2008 issue of Forbes Life, and they have great things to say about them. The write-up and pictures from the magazine are below, but our scans are a little blurry, so here's an easy-to-read version what they have to say:

"John Lennon was such a fan of Spring Court whites that he wore them to his wedding and on the cover of Abbey Road. The much loved French tennis shoes have been made from Egyptian cotton and a natural rubber sole with ventilation channels for mroe than 70 years, making them classics - both on and off the court."

See previous blog post for our current selection of Spring Courts.

Forbes June 2008 cover

Spring Court article in Forbes

John Lennon wearing Spring Courts at his wedding
[image from www.rarebeatles.com]

John Lennon wearing Spring Courts on the cover of Abbey Road