Fresh into the store are two pieces from K.Z.O's fall/winter 2008 collection made in collaboration with Brett Westfall and his brand/world Unholy Matrimony. With his most recently collaborations with Comme des Garcons we have no clue how he manages to find time for even more projects, but the man is a machine. Check out today's earlier post for other f/w2008 arrivals from K.Z.O.

K.Z.O/Unholy Matrimony - Bretto Flannel
in charcoal/yellow
DETAILS: The charcoal portion is made from a heavy weight cotton flannel while the yellow portion is of a slightly lighter weight. The charcoal portion comes down to about a 3/4 sleeve while the yellow portion comes down further, allowing for an endless amount of configurations. Roll the sleeves up, rock it rolled down and unbuttoned as a shirt jacket (as Brett himself is wearing it above), or buy a collection of them to put together as the costume shown up top!
sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

K.Z.O/Unholy Matrimony - Unholy Tee
in white
DETAILS: The graphics and printing quality is just what we come to expect from Brett; combined with K.Z.O's excellent cut with slimming darts along the back, this is a pretty perfect t-shirt.
sizes: S, M, L, XL