The 2008 Tour de France begins this Saturday and runs (er, bikes?) till Sunday July 27th. If watching those guys pump their pedals up and down the French Alps for 21 days doesn't inspire you to take your bike for a spin, we can think of some more incentives:

1) It's summer. Gorgeous, long, sunny days are the best for a long ride.

2) Gas is pricey; biking is free.

3) Your legs will look pretty good in all the SHORTS you're sporting these days (not that we're looking).

4) Don't all dudes like bikes?!

Here's a small collection of bike-inspired goods in our store to get you started. They'll come in handy when you're out riding around town:

Clockwise, from top left (click image to enlarge):
Jack Spade - Cordura Bike Messenger Bag, (orig. $198, now $119.99)
Obey - "Gas Mask Bike Rider" T-Shirt, ($30)
Nom de Guerre - Flight Rain Jacket, (orig. $417, now $250.99)
Obey - "Bike Punx" Hat, (orig. $44, now $26.99)
RVCA - "Chicago" Windbreaker, ($58)
Sharps - Happy Me Pit Guard 1 oz., ($7.50)
Nom de Guerre - Flight Rain Jacket, (orig. $417, now $250.99)