When Blackbird friend Adam Sinding sent us word of the documentary "Fast Friday", about Seattle's fixed gear riding community, we got excited. It's hilly here, and we get our fair share of rain, but in Seattle bikes are kind of a thing.

The film is named for the monthly event, "Fast Friday", which was started by clothing designer Dustin Klein (Cadence clothing) as a way to bring together Seattle's fixed gear riding community. In 2006, the year Fast Fridays got started, director David Rowe started showing up and participating, camera in tow. A year and 30 hours of footage later, he had the material for his documentary about the emergence of Seattle's fixed gear community. Not to mention footage showing off some of today's most talented riders.

The film is traveling to 17 cities worldwide with this year's Bicycle Film Festival, and is also available for sale on the website, For now, check out the teaser photos that the director sent our way, below:

[photos courtesy of David Rowe]