November 13th marks the
4th Anniversary of Blackbird!!!

Back in 2004 when my pal Greg Ferguson (creator of the Blackbird name) and I were working on a menswear store concept, we never thought our store would impact people as much as it has. This was just a place to shop and just a place for our ideas. Four years later Blackbird get emails from all over the world, everyday, regarding how much the blog, the things we sell and the information we share means to a guy in Singapore or a gal in Switzerland. For us it's fun to see and hear the smiles and we appreciate the audience.

Although I wish Blackbird had been started with a lot more capital than the measly $30,000 we had, that limitation has made us strong and forced us to grow organically. Times are tough for clothing retailers right now and all I can hope for is that we built the business to be agile and strong and that our customers will keep coming to us when they need pants.

Four years seems like a lifetime to me. Every day has been dedicated to building this business and breaking the rules to see what is possible. Right now we're taking things day by day, enjoying our little wins and learning from our little mistakes. Mostly we are happy to have made it this far and that we've met a lot of great friends along the way. Thank you.

Nicole (and the Blackbird gang)

From back in the Blackbird blog archives:
Here's a glimpse of how Seattle fashion was in 2003 and every reason to open a store.

Fourth anniversary
Traditional gift: fruit or flowers

  • Have flowers or a fruit basket delivered to his office
  • Make a garland of flowers and wear just that for each other
  • Share a bubble bath and light the room with floral-scented candles
  • Sprinkle rose petals all over your bed
  • Share a delicious fruity cocktail


Tonight, Nov. 11th
The Sunset Tavern in Ballard
See Blackbird's very own Charles "Leo" Gebhardt IV play his heart out with both bands,
Idle Times and T.V. Coahran
(the Bb gang of punks will be in attendance)

Thursday, Nov. 13th
Cake, Champagne and Cider
at the store
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
We'll be taking pictures of our customers for the blog so wear your finest. There may be some other surprises or surprising people.


Laser Disc Movie Party
in the loft
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(space is limited, bring a chair if you can)