Dearest faithful customer,

To me Blackbird is the type of company where our customers are our friends just as much as our partners. Because of this, I want to level with you guys regarding our free shipping.

Due to the increase in fuel and general inflation, our shipping fees from our domestic carriers have gone up nearly 1/3 and I regret that we can no longer afford to offer free domestic shipping. We just aren't big enough to negotiate any lower rates than what we currently pay. Due to these conditions we will start charging for domestic shipping as of today. If the rates go down to where they previously were at the beginning of 2008, we will immediately bring back free shipping.

The new shipping & handling rates are as low as we could get them in the simplest format we could create. The majority of our customers will go from paying $0 to $5; just a little change. International and speedy shippers will pay nearly the same or less than what they pay now.

My goal is to only lose a small amount on shipping vs. the crazy amount we are losing today. I hope this minor change does not prevent you from shopping with us during these strange times. Your business means a lot to me, as much as your friendship and general support. Thank you for understanding.

1 item = $10
2 items = $12
3 items = $14
4+ items = $16

+$9 for Alaska or Hawaii
+$30 for Canada
+$30 for Domestic 2-day
+$65 for Overnight
+$40 for International

Please email me directly if you have any concerns or feedback:

Sincerely and always,
Nicole Miller