As a reader of this blog, you are part a small niche of consumers, retailers, creatives and marketers that participate in our very specific and new genre of menswear. As big as it may seem sometimes, this is truly a small and fragile market. Men's Vogue is gone. DNR is gone and now, more than ever, we need to support each other to keep this industry alive and healthy.

One week ago I launched my very first online store to crazy amounts of love and support from bloggers, traditional marketers, avid fans and customers around the world. Before the launch, I was terrified that it wouldn't be good enough. I was terrified that it would break... and it did a little. Mostly I was terrified that you wouldn't care. But you did. Thanks to everyone for believing in Blackbird and supporting what we do.

And here's a special thanks for all the press and positivity big and small. If you have some spare time, check out some of these sites.