You may be able to squeak by during the spring summer on a bare bones type of regimen for skincare and shaving (we don’t recommend it), but when the cooler temps and dryer air starts rolling in, your skin isn’t quite as forgiving. It’s also why using a solidly proven lineup of product year round is beneficial for your skin. Baxter Super Close Shave, After Shave and Oil Free Moisturizer are a good foundation for good feeling skin and looking polished in scarf weather.

A few tips for that next shave

Pay close attention to the direction the whiskers grow – it will vary around the neck/adam’s apple. Shave with the direction of growth, as it provides the least amount of skin irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Start off with a clean face, post shower. Also, if you keep hairs moist, it decreases by two-thirds the force you need to cut them. We are proponents of the use of a badger shave brush to help apply the cream, as it lifts the hairs making it easier to cut. Our fave razor happens to be the Merkur Futur – a double edged safety razor that has adjustable settings for aggressiveness/beard density. It has a bit of a learning curve, only straight/short blade strokes because of the non pivoting head, but minimizes razor bumps and as a bonus is very green – you only toss the ultra thin blade into recycling after five to ten shaves, rather than tossing that non-recyclable disposal into the trash that generally lasts 2-3 shaves.

Finish with cold water splash and a clean towel, then After Shave Balm (no alcohol and loaded with natural antibacterial plant extracts) and Oil Free Moisturizer and you are ready to roll in any weather.
-Michael Donovan

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