APRIL 77 RECORDS, ARTIST OF THE MONTH, Last Rapes of Mister Teach

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January's band: Last Rapes of Mister Teach

HERE'S WHAT THE SITE SAYS ABOUT LRMT: "It's not always easy when you don't come from places like L.A., NYC, London, or any other big city that makes your band feel soooooo cool & soooooooo hype because you come from a city that looks sooooo cool & soooooo hype. Even Iggy Pop had to leave Detroit.

The guys from THE LAST RAPES OF MISTER TEACH come from:

Pierre: Villard Saint-Pancrace (High Alps/France)
Martin: Loutre (High Alps/France)
Maxime: L'argentière La Bessée (High Alps/France)
Xavier: Val Des Prés (High Alps/France)

Not very easy, huh ?!?

Believe us, these places deep in the deep depths of deep France, we know them well. Perhaps they are our first homes or the homes of our loved ones. In these lands one admires no go-go dancers, meets no rock stars, snorts no cocaine, and covets no free issues from Vice.

The only remedy for the regional snow that encourages the amputation of kneecaps is called Genepi, a.k.a. strong alcohol made of aromatic Alpine plants with weird, yet repetitive names such as Artemisia mutellina, Artemisia spicata, Artemisia umbelliformis and Artemisia glacialis. Say that five times fast. Mr. Teach can.

Moving on. The youngsters met in high school and started playing punk music, seeing as they were all fans of the Sex Pistols, and it was one less thing to argue about, since everyone else in their painful pubescent childhood was into Pink Zeppelin. Thanks to the microfilm technology available in the French public libraries of the day, they started diggin' more and more into the punk movement. They traveled all the way back in time to the famous "Nuggets" compilation, feeling at ease in this garage-world of Seeds, Sonics, & Electric Prunes.

Then one summer, after the thawing of their kneecaps of course, they tackled the epic descent from the brutal High Alps mountains and headed towards the Bay of Biscay and the warm sunny beaches of Biarritz. A-ba-ba-ba-Ba-Ba-Barbara-Ann.

They loved it. Sunny beaches, clear sand, girls, girls in bikinis, melted chocolate, and surf are hard to hate, right? With wandering minds and the thirst of life in need of quenching, along with one look at the ocean, several dreams of rhum and women (the bikini effect), the name of the band came naturally: They were indeed the last rapes of Mister Teach (Mister Teach is the real name of the infamous English pirate, duh).

Their mission became soforth: "To conquer the planet aboard a genuine rock'n'roll ship."

So now watch out big cities! Especially ones that aren't landlocked!

These 4 pirates use their songs as weapons, stealing away your gold, your women, and your wine. They've already ravaged many cities in France, Italy, Poland, Deutschland (German for Germany), and the United Kingdom.

Lock up your treasures: THE LAST RAPES OF MISTER TEACH are coming!