Below is a selection of preview looks from some collections coming to Blackbird for the spring/summer 2009 season. There are a handful of new brands expected, as well as the usual favourites. Not all is represented below, but do take a look!

OUR LEGACY This will be our second season with the Stockholm-based brand. Already a staple for those looking for timeless go-to designs. Check out this article on Refinery29 from last season for a brief introduction.


NICE COLLECTIVE We had the very popular Nice Collective combat boots in the shop late this season and coming for SS2009 will be a more thorough representation of the collection. Clean military-inspired designs to suit all body types.

WRATH ARCANE Streetwear-with-a-twist out of Cleveland, OH. This article from JC Report does quite a good job describing just what to look forward to.

FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR A new brand for the us! The Swedish line Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair plays heavily with a draping silhouette, mixed with classic tailoring and materials. We will be receiving the collections for both men and women!

JULIUS This collection was the brand's first Paris runway show. The FW2008 collection was a huge hit in the shop and SS2009 will feature an even bigger selection. The slim, draping fits make it perfect as a unisex brand.

ROBERT GELLER O' Mr. Geller is back! Geller is a Blackbird favourite and, as usual, we will be getting a very large selection of the line. This collection gives a twist on many classic pieces, playing with the cut, silhouette, and materials. Lots of very comfy relaxed linens.

HOPE Already well-known over in Sweden, Hope has most recently been making quite a name for itself stateside. Playful cuts and structure with a masculine edge. We will be carrying the collection for both men and women!


SABATINO Jay Sabatino is already a household name overseas but he is just beginning to become known over here. This collection takes from the 20s and 30s revival movement of the 70s. The relaxed silhouettes make use of updated vintage patterns and, while shown in lookbook photos worn as a full outfit, mix also very well with more modern cuts and styles.

WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS A selection of classic garments out of America's oldest woolen mill. Click here to read up on the detailed history.

RAG & BONE They just keep getting better! This collection takes heavy influence from English rock & roll and mod culture, mixing it with the precision tailoring we have come to expect. This collection features also some absolutely gorgeous suiting pieces (shown in the top photo, for example) made by the legendary tailor Martin Greenfield.