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Just across the street from Blackbird is Fu Kun Wu who was recently been listed in's feature of the World's Dumbest Cocktails [click here to go directly to their slide]. Their signature Yojito, a mojito made with the African aphrodisiac yohimbe, is apparently worthy to be ranked among thirteen others in the list. writes...
"This Mojito-based absurdity aims to wear down your inhibitions while enhancing your libido: It's made with the African stimulant yohimbe, reputed to be both a mild hallucinogen and an aphrodisiac. Just be warned: Fu Kun Wu limits customers to one per night, so why not spike Bud with Viagra instead? It'd probably taste better."

We here at Blackbird certainly like the Yojito well enough. The idea may seem stupid, but that doesn't mean it doesn't taste absolutely delicious. Try it out for yourself and be the judge; Fu Kun Wu is open from 5PM until midnight with their happy hour running 5PM to 7PM.