A shipment from KZO's spring/summer 2009 collection has hit the store and frankly, we are blown away. KZO has grown so much in such a short amount of time and, if this collection is any indicator, there are some very great things in the near future. Down to the tiny details, KZO is really a brand which is truly innovating in the American "fashion" world.

In particular, the jeans from this season are something we have all fallen hopelessly in love with. We have three styles in stock right now, all of which are made in Okayama, Japan, a prefecture which is quite legendary in the denim world. Each style uses a selvage Japanese denim and is full of some very unique details which set them completely apart from anything else on the market right now.

Below are just a few items we have ready right now on the webstore. Everything is available in-store right now for locals to check out and we will get the rest ready by next week. Other items include lovely stripe shorts, t-shirts, more fleece jackets, crazy transformer jacket and camera bag (think Acronym-level insanity), and a few other things.

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KZO - Ceres Fleece Mods Coat
in [washed] black
DETAILS: Slim-fitting fishtail parka-style fleece. The midweight of the fleece makes this a really excellent outerwear piece to wear through the spring or cooler nights in the summer. Drawstring details along waist and hem. Convertible hood easily detaches via a hidden zipper. 100% cotton fleece.
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KZO - Central Denim Pants
in indigo or deep black
DETAILS: Slim-fitting jeans with a slight taper. Every detail of these jeans is very well-thought-out, contributing to a very unique style. The darting through the inner thighs helps keep the fit nice and slim throughout the entire leg. The waistband is constructed from one piece of fabric folded over which creates an almost 3D effect. The front pockets have a very slight amount of extra fabric which helps keep them very practical even with the slim fit through the thighs. Slightly low rise with a very subtly dropped crotch.
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KZO - Bretto Flannel
in black/red
DETAILS: Shown above worn by Brett Westfall himself during his visit to Seattle last October. Collaborations between KZO and Unholy Matrimony's Brett Westfall. This season's version has double layered sleeves and attached bottom portion. Sealed zip pockets on sides and chest. Hidden zipper in the back allows for the entire shirt to be folded into itself in hobo-bag fashion. Made from a thick, very soft and comfortable 100% cotton flannel. Works great worn as a jacket or alone as a main shirt.
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