TREND: HERITAGE, GRANDPA & LAYERS is currently featuring photos of New York City men presented by Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist. The people in these photos are generally from the fashion industry and therefore ahead of the curve; but come Fall, this is how all the cool kids will be be dressing. Start studying.

This fella doesn't embody what I am really talking about since he looks a little old to be going to school and too tough to be a professor. None the less, he's an excellent reminder that once the Japanese got tired of our American wilderness looks, they went to hard core collegiate. Stiff oxford cloth shirts with white collars, woolen ties, heavy letterman sweaters, horn rimmed glasses, cuffed pants and all sorts of preppy shoes like white bucks, saddle shoes and penny loafers.

Camping, hiking, fishing or hunting, are a huge influence on our Fall 09 style. Some of these fellas are evolking a British gentlemen's weekend squab hunt, while Mordechai Rubinstein (friend of Blackbird) appears to be channeling an international reporter at large on assignment in Alaska. Feel free to mix these elements into your wardrobe (a waxwear coat or gnarly hunting boots) or go for the full look. You can't really mess up an outfit like this since historically these garments were based on function rather than appearance and were passed on through generations. Anything goes.

This is more of a Spring trend but you will see them continue into Fall. What you should know about leather is that many leathers now are being washed and treated with waxes and other coatings so that old fear of getting caught out in the rain and ruining your investment should mostly be ignored. Leather looks better after it's beaten up. Bad Ass is back.

This is the only kind of *slick* I can handle. It's under the radar and completely about fit and quality. Do you think he has a gun in that bag or his yoga mat?

This kid must be a happy person. Oh the joys of mixing your wardrobe to create the ultimate carefree outfit. This is the biggest lessen we learned from our Japan adventures. Buy a few BEAUTIFUL garments and mix them with everything. Devil may care! Be a person not a clone!