I truly enjoyed the latest episode of In The Closet. Excellent info for people who wear menswear. Here's my commentary:

Clear framed sunglasses: Love the trend and glad they showed lots of color and opacity options. People could get really messed up thinking it's only about the clear frame when those aren't the easiest to pull off.

Shorter shorts: Very good. If you are older, don't wear the over the knee style of surf trunk. I would like to add that all bodies are different and you should wear what works for you. Bring a friend and ask for feedback.

I'd also like to mention that GQ did some tutorial a while back on which types of shorts looks best on different body types. The stand out was that chubby guys should not wear elastic waist shorts; the flat kind is best as your chub won't hang over. If you are trim, the elastic ones are cool.

One of my rules about men's swimwear is to look for a pair with a liner. I know you think people can't see your junk, but we can.

Skinny jeans: I agree with the "buy jeans that fit" comment. Skinny guys need slim jeans that are cut for their bony legs and thank the gods that there are finally great options on the market (KZO, Wings+Horns). In regards to avoiding denim with stretch. You'd be surprised. I think that's a silly rule to follow.

Brands to watch: I LOVE that KZO was mentioned!!! Joel is talented. Someone needs to help Josh with the pronunciation: it's just K.Z.O.. From what I hear, it was Kazuo which was Joel's grandfather's name. The problem was that in Japan, that name is like Steve and not very exciting. To market to the Japanese, the name was modified.

Great work Tyler and Josh!!!