6:01 pm
Beer and Rootbeer Social at Blackbird
Joel took this photo of me. Love the blur.

7:39 pm
Beer and Rootbeer Social at Blackbird
L to R: Leo socializes, Tyler J. rings up his pal Jeff and Tyler B. leans.

7:40 pm
Beer and Rootbeer Social at Blackbird
Shoot! I should take a picture of Joel's table of KZO joy before it's destroyed by drunks. Ironically, this table was found in a Ballard alley by Joel's pal and KZO collaborator Brett Westfall last year for the Unholy Matrimony installation. Handy!

7:56 pm
Beer and Rootbeer Social at Blackbird
L to R: Joel, Tyler Brown and Tyler's super cool friend.

8:15 pm to 10:30 pm
Copper Gate, Ballard Wash
Everyone met up at out local Swedish bar for some Aquavit, Swedish meatballs and cauliflower soup. We drank more than we at and the table was jam packed. The night gets vague after this point.

10:48 pm
Billy's House
L to R: Leah Lawrence, Billy Bartels, Leo Gebhardt and Ingmar Gebhardt. I can't recall why we stopped at Billy's, never the less, it was fun.

10:48:47 pm
Billy's House
Joel with Growler of beer. We drank out of these big jugs all night. I think there was also a jug of Trader Joe's Ecinacia Lemonade passing around also.

11:00 pm t0 12:30 am
Some illegal club in Seattle
Leo's friends were playing a show at this illegal music venue. It was BYOB so we B our own Gs (growlers). When we arrived, the place was packed and we weaseled our way to the front and sat on the floor at the feet of the lead singer. The crowd was enthralled with there experimental, ethereal rock. It was heavy and sweet. The next band was not as good so we left.

12:48 am
Tin Hat, Ballard Wash
Joel watches us play Medieval Madness!!!

1:25 am
Tin Hat, Ballard Wash
Joel, Billy and Leah embrace. Adam Sinding, and Rachel Wianecki, friends of Blackbird meet up with the gang. Meanwhile, I start falling asleep. I'm out!