The Gitman factory has been operating since 1948, producing signature high-quality shirts. Just yesterday we received our first shipment from the Gitman Vintage collection. Within the large box shipped from the company were even more boxes full of lovely check shirts made from lightweight washed cottons. The sleeves are slightly less than half-length which allows a good amount of room to roll them up for a cool relaxed look. The bright summery fabrics go great with a preppy or Americana style or as a feel-good accent to any other outfit you might come up with.

The Gitman Vintage collection was created as sort of a reinterpretation of the original designs that Gitman became first known for. The team behind the designs studied old linesheets and designs to come up with the cuts and recreated the original fabrics to achieve this authentic historic collection.

For this season we have three shirt styles and more will be coming for next season.
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