Monday, April 20th
Sunday, April 27th

Looking for a job?
Getting married?
Headed to court?
Courting a lady?
Like to look good?

The power of a well-fitting suit is unsurpassed by any other garment in a man's wardrobe. You're standing taller, you look lean and people want to know your name. If it 's time to upgrade or simply buy your first suit, this is the time of year to do so at Blackbird.

Receive 25% off* any and all suits** in-store at Blackbird. While you're at it, take 25% off*** any additional items you want to complete the look such as: dress shirts, socks, ties, vests and shoes.

This offer also includes all new suits (just received) from: A.P.C., Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and Rogues Gallery.

* Discount taken off the original retail price. Can not be combined with other offers. In store only.
** A suit constitutes a matching blazer and pant in the same fabric by the same brand.
*** You must buy the suit to get the additional discount on other items.