HISTORY: It was almost a century ago that Virgilio Valobra established in Genoa, Italy his plant for the manufacture of soap. He was determined to adhere strictly to the formulas and methods of the master soap manufacturers of the 18th century. Those masters had made the Riviera between Portofino and Marseille a region renewed for the finest soap.

PROCESS: To preserve the precious ingredients, Valobra has always used the ancient and expensive "boiling for strength" method. Special attention is given to seasoning, which takes at least six months. The soap thus becomes a highly refined and effective agent for gently cleansing the skin and improving its texture. Over the decades Valobra's old treasured formulas were improved upon. The exclusive use of pure and selected ingredients results in a substance similar to the natural one that protects the skin. For super-rich lather, virgin coconut oil from an island in the Indian Ocean is used.

Valobra - Fougere Soap
DETAILS: Fougere is Italian for fern. The scent is very fresh and natural. We think it makes a great hand and body soap but as a face soap, Valobra recommends this for easily reddened complexions. 3.75 oz.
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Valobra - Vitamin E Soap
DETAILS: This scent is warm and oaty. Vitamin E is a substance that keeps the skin soft and young. It helps to produce a velvety lather that has a deep-cleansing action on the skin without injuring its natural protective surface layer. This soap is particularly suitable for the extremely delicate skin. 4 oz.
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Valobra - Balsamo Soap
DETAILS: This soap contains lecithin and is advisable for oily or flaking skin, but we enjoy the gentle, powdery scent. 7.75 oz.
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