It was just over a year ago that on this Flickr page I stumbled across the above photo of Beck performing in Santiago wearing a Diet Butcher Slim Skin t-shirt. I pointed it out to the DBSS staff who mentioned that he must have gotten it from my personal favourite select shop in Tokyo, Midwest. Knowing Beck has been a big fan of a handful of other Japanese brands, including Number (N)ine, I always thought DBSS quite fitting for him. During my last trip to Tokyo I stopped by DBSS's flagship store, Venom, and while talking to the staff it was mentioned to me that I had just missed Beck stopping by with Japanese musician Cornelius. It seems that, in addition to concerts throughout Japan during this time, Beck was working his way through the Japanese fashion world, exploring interests in style. He was featured in the June issue of the magazine POPEYE with a rundown of his career, as well as going over his favourite brands in Japan.

Translations by Alex Scharf...

"A perfectly sized black shirt with a nice gothic feeling that fits smoothly as one layer. After the photo shoot, Beck took the shirt with him. [Shirt by] Diet Butcher Slim Skin... Sunglasses are model’s own."

[Paraphrased] "Beck, the genius singer-songwriter of alternative rock, gracefully incorporates various styles of music throughout his vast body of work. Beginning with his debut in 1994, the punk and anti-folk influenced Mellow Gold, and continuing to his latest album, Modern Guilt, a collaboration with electronic producer Danger Mouse, Beck has constantly changed his approach to making music. Like his music, Beck’s fashion sense is also quite varied, transforming effortlessly over time to suit his persona. As a self-admitted “fashion freak,” Beck has a strong interest in Tokyo brands. “I really love Japanese clothes,” Beck professes, “which is why I’m grateful for the opportunity to come to Japan. Carefully looking over the exquisite details of the clothing here is one of my greatest pleasures. Shopping for clothes is like a treasure hunt.” Beck also shows keen awareness of Japanese street fashion, explaining that “Japanese layered-style is amazing, almost like a form of art to me. Fashion in Tokyo really is three years ahead of anywhere else; this is the best place in the world to find new style.”

"Beck’s favorite
The Japanese brands that Beck is wearing recently in his music videos, live concerts, and magazine appearances

Diet Butcher Slim Skin
Three years ago during his American tour, Beck wore a Diet Butcher Slim Skin print t-shirt, which he purchased at a Tokyo select shop during a previous trip to Japan. However, he recently made his first visit to the Diet Butcher flagship store, Venom, in Nakameguro. As longtime fan of Beck, Diet Butcher designer Hisashi Fukatami felt quite lucky for the opportunity."