Darkest Gray with some Light Gray Threads = SUCCESS SUIT by FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR

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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair - Success Jacket
in Grey
DETAILS: Fashion-forward, slightly slim two-button jacket with wonderful details. Features three flap pockets at the mid-section, a chest pocket, and a smaller ticket pocket which gives an appealing, slightly asymmetrical look. Fully-lined with 100% viscose, the jacket is a beautiful blend of 43% wool, 53% polyester, and 4% elastene that allows generous motion and comfort while at the same time remaining quite sturdy and appealing.
sizes: 48 52
$599.00 USD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair - Success Trouser
in Grey
DETAILS: A perfectly-fitting, slim-straight suit trouser. The right-back is accented with three pockets รข€“ a flap-closure, button-closure, as well as a smaller coin pocket, giving a modern asymmetric styling to the pant. A unique 43% wool, 53% polyester, and 4% elastene blend allows a generous range of motion and comfort, while giving a lustrous sheen of quality to the trousers.
size: 48
$279.00 USD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair - Patch Work Shirt
in black
DETAILS: As the name suggests, this shirt features unique patch work detailing along the shoulder and underarm areas. Another interesting detail of this shirt is that it lacks side seams. A slim body with a smaller collar, made from 100% cotton.
sizes: S M L
$235.00 USD