Today we discovered that a lovely customer of ours Kevin from Singapore blogged about his experience at Blackbird and the lovely Lad Musician Brooch he purchased on his blog My MANy Bags.

(photos courtesy of My MANy Bags)
"Lad Musician Large Navy Chambray Flower Brooch

I blog about this wonderful Lad Musician Large Navy Chambray Flower Brooch a while ago. I like it so much I had to find ways to buy it without paying a full US$50 for shipping. So I wrote to Blackbird to make an enquiry if they can reduce the mailing costs since this item is lightweight and small. It is just not right to pay US$50 for mailing that to Singapore.

A very helpful Lear answered my email and immediately offered to lower the shipping costs to US$30. She even took the initiative to hold the item for me and send me an online invoice. Such good anticipation and service:-) Of course I took up the offer and she mailed the lovely brooch to me last Tuesday. It took a while to arrive, since this came all the way from Seattle! The wait was well worth it. The parcel arrived super well packed with lots of stuffing and cushioning. Thanks to Lear for taking the effort to packed it so well. The plastic box suffered no dents or scruffs. Amazing.

I really adore the brooch. Shaped like a chrysanthemum, so it is more unique than the regular roses. The material and colour also makes it very suitable for guys. Wear it on a blazer or a tee, I am sure this is one accessory to add 'dramatic effect' to an outfit:-P" -Kevin in Singapore

Seriously, all rules are meant to be broken. If there is something you want/need, just ask us and we'll honestly figure out if it can be done. Of course we are a small business and can't be bullied but just ask nicely, be reasonable like Kevin and you'll be surprised most of the time.