Joey Bates
"Nudes - 10 new works made of cut paper and graphite"
July 1st through July 31st - Opening Reception Juy 2nd 6-8pm
Zeitgeist - 171 S. Jackson Seattle, WA 98104

(click on this to see the continuous line details. outstanding!)

"Nudes" is comprised of two different experiments.
Last year I started incorporating cut paper into my artwork. The five cut out nudes seen in this show are studies of the human form (technically one human). Care was taken in the formal aspects of the pictures while working in a medium I am just beginning to work with.
The five graphite drawings presented here are step away from my previous work. For the past five years I have been focusing on portraiture with an emphasis on facial expression. For this show I have asked the sitters to disrobe and relax as many facial muscles as possible. The results are a series of studies of the upper torso and head. I have found that there is a large difference in our faces when we let go of facial expressions and are not communicating with on another.