Jon, Blackbird's newest Sales Associate, is seen in the store wearing the
Hyden Yoo - Gonzales Vest
in navy (pictured) or black

Tellason - Strummer Jeans
in blue

Emancipated from the three piece suite, a vest can turn a pallid man into desirable with minimal effort. To the fashion forward, donning a vest may already be in your monthly routine, to those who are updating their wardrobes, you knew it was coming, and to others, it may be a daunting task. Not every vest will look good on everyone, and not everyone should wear a vest, but if you are looking to up the anti, try on a few of these tailored garments and see how you feel.

Be warned, there are a few questions to ask and details to remember when purchasing a vest. Is it too tight? Too loose? How is the length? And the answer to leather is always no. That said, if it has buttons, wear it snug, but if not, wear it loose. You can take a simple black vest and couple it with matching trousers to maximize elegance, or dress down a dark wool waistcoat by pairing it with patterned prints. Just remember, it's a vest, not a tank top, so it should be layered with a slim fitting short sleeved tee, patterned shirt for a more casual look or a button down for a polished presentation.