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The Fresh and Onlys
Unnatural Helpers

There's an undeniable '60s vibe to the Fresh & Onlys' bristling guitars, aching reverb, and off-kilter vocals, and Sartin has acknowledged the influence of the 13th Floor Elevators on his songwriting (Cohen claims inspiration from the Minutemen). As the act's singer and guitarist, Cohen dreams up screwy lines about hookers, tropical islands, and imaginary friends, croaking them out in a sort of oblivious fever. "He has a really cracked approach to lyrics, and the stories he tells in his songs are sincere," Sartin says. "He's never trying to be consciously funny or strange. He's just a strange and funny dude." So far the Fresh & Onlys have flown under the radar, despite Kelley Stoltz releasing their debut 7-inch and Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer issuing their self-titled album on Castleface. They have a 7-inch out on the Seattle label Dirty Knobby Industries, and have plans for releases on the Chicago label HoZac and the Brooklyn labels Captured Tracks and Woodsist. The lattermost will release the Fresh & Onlys' sophomore album, Grey-Eyed Girls, toward the end of summer. The band also plans to do an album early next year with the resurgent L.A. label In the Red. - excerpt from S.F. weekly, read more here