The Seattle art collective Free Sheep Foundation will be taking over the Moore Theatre tomorrow (Saturday 6/20) night to transform it into something you won't see again. Free Sheep Foundation has become known around Seattle in particular for their taking over abandoned buildings before their demolition, creating inside-and-around new worlds of art and installations. The Moore Theatre is not being demolished, but you might expect it to be after seeing what Free Sheep Foundation has planned for it.

Probably the most well-publicized work they have done was the transformation of the [at the time] to-be-destroyed Bridge Motel in Fremont in September 2007 (photos below). Participants filled the rooms and parking lot of this seedy motel with sound, art, roaming butoh dancers, performances, a campfire, and much more. Right now locals can also head over to the equally seedy old bathhouse Tubs on 50th & Roosevelt in the University District to see their work on that building.

Free Sheep Foundation has arranged for over fifty performances of various means to go on through the night for Moore Inside Out. From bathrooms filled with watermelons to local DJ Scratchmaster Joe performing the soundtrack of hell down in the cavernous bar at the Moore, there is going to be a lot to see. Without the many performances, even, Moore Inside Out will give people a bit more access to the historical Moore Theatre than we might normally have; that should be reason enough to a lot of people to go check it out.

Click here (pdf) for the official press release or here for an article from the Stranger giving some history of Free Sheep Foundation, as well as a rundown of some of the events for tomorrow night.

This is happening tomorrow (Saturday 6/20) night from 6-10PM at the Moore Theatre and it is FREE.

and a couple photos of Free Sheep Foundation's transformed Bridge Motel from September 2007...

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