Craig Robinson coming soon to blackbird

Nice blog post about Blackbird carrying Craig Robinson's first ever Ready-to-wear line this fall. Well its true, we will have some great pieces coming in. Here's a sneak preview on what's to come.

Motorcycle Jacket
(photo from

Basket weave vented blazer
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Rock-star styles (the good ones, at least) for the rest of us

First things first: Craig Robinson isn't responsible for Dave Navarro, or Eddie Van Halen, or any one of the guitarists who seem bent on giving the tag "rock-star fashion" an oxymoronic ring. The musicians he's outfitted from his Fifth Avenue atelier are all of the better-dressed variety: Calla, the Secret Machines, Jon Spencer. (See for yourself: They all model their suits on the designer's Web site.) The clientele has earned Robinson, who's been crafting bespoke for the better part of a decade, the unofficial title of rock 'n' roll couturier. In this case: Yeah, that's a good thing.

But as of this fall, you'll no longer need a collection of amps and a hectic tour schedule to get your hands on Robinson's pieces. His first line of ready-to-wear—all made in the U.S.A., much of it still by Robinson himself—hits stores this season. It blends a frontman aesthetic with a natty, tailored sensibility: On one hand, there's a near-perfect leather motorcycle jacket (above); on the other, a basket-weave vented blazer, complete with suede hunting patch, that looks ready for an English shooting party (below). In other words, whether your weekends are spent in the mosh pit or the manor house, you're covered. Somebody tell Dave.