The first shipment from Diet Butcher Slim Skin's Fall/Winter 2009 collection, Strange Birds, is set to ship shortly. The collection's theme is centered around Acker and Geen, two bird/humans who have a long history together in a rather involved love/hate relationship.

Acker, a blue/black bird/human, longs to be a true human. To play baseball, to participate in traffic jams and the lottery. Unfortunately he feels he must hide these desires from those he knows. He has a strong appetite for worms and the more he eats, the more confrontational he becomes. He finds himself easily manipulated by Geen and, after a dose of worms, often makes him his target for quarrels. Despite this loud anger, his cawing remains most beautiful to be heard. Upon praise of his qualities, his fingernails grow at a very fast rate. In his youth he made use of this marvel, selling them off in order to make ends meet.

Geen a cream/charcoal bird/human. He lives his life feeling he is far better than any humans and has no need for them at all. He doesn't like mankind's use of birds as symbolism without proper consideration of their true personalities. With high aspiration, he aims one day to exist as the Creator of all. He wants for all 'Strange Birds' to come together and take the solid ground from mankind. For now, though, he remains a still-young bird/human who can only speak of his radical political ways without taking action. Acker seems to be the only one who understands and tolerates his ways.

Below is a brief preview of what will be coming in the months to come. There are four ship dates, which are set to come at the beginning of the months of July, August, September, and October. Please e-mail with any questions or pre-order inquiries.