We are terribly excited to be able to introduce Patrick Stephan's collection to the fall/winter 2009 lineup at Birgitta. I have long been a fan of his designs and since the inception of Birgitta knew that he would be perfectly suited for the shop.

Originally from France, Patrick has been based out of Tokyo since 2000. It is here he founded his namesake brand and has unleashed his own original designs upon a worldwide audience. Before Tokyo, he was already making a name for himself by doing corset embroidery for the infamous Mr. Pearl and contributing designs for both John Galliano and Dior Couture.

With his own line, Patrick mixes a perfect balance of feminine and masculine qualities to produce women's wear which effortlessly blurs many lines of extremity. A punk feeling is made delicate in fabrication or draping, innocent naivety gets an subtle almost S&M-like injection of detail, a "girly" silhouette is brought back to form just enough to make it easily wearable by a daring male; of all the opposite can also be said.

Although carried by only a small handful of stores outside of Japan, Patrick's designs have been building a very strong cult following worldwide. Our buy features a fair selection of apparel but a large portion of it will be perhaps what Patrick has become best known for; his lovely leather bags and accessories. This part of the collection is truly unisex so we invite all to take a look and explore!

See Patrick Stephan's homepage for a look at previous collections and more information. Be sure to check out also an excellent little writeup here from JC Report.

Expect Patrick Stephan's fall/winter 2009 collection to be arriving around early August.

Below are some lookbook shots followed by a few pictures showing just some of the items we are expecting this season.