Drop Crotch w/Leather Leg - Black
Details: 100% cotton drop crotch pants with authentic kangaroo leather lower leg panels. Dark and beautifully draped with crinkled, paper-thin kangaroo leather wrapping the narrowed leg, these harem style pants are a perfect addition to any progressive wardrobe. Toy around with proportion by mixing them with layered narrow-fitting tops like Julius's coated Cut & Sew shirts or pair them with Odyn Vovk's Bat Shaket for a formidable head-to-toe draped look.
Bat Shaket - Black
Details: 100% bamboo fiber soft drapey cardigan. Light weight and able to be worn in a variation of different ways (including upside down), the Shaket is one of the most versatile pieces in the Odyn Vovk collection. Let the long sleeves and asymmetrical sides hang out of from underneath Odyn Vovk's Ninja Leather Hoodie or wrap one of its sides over the opposite shoulder and layer it over a bunched up Curved Seam Tee on warmer days.
Chunk Knit Scarf
Details: 100% Italian wool. This scarf's construction, an unusual segmented pattern that resembles felted camouflage netting or crocheted kelp, gives this unique piece of neckwear a texture unlike any other. Loop it multiple times on top of your outer layer or allow it to just barely peek out of your collar. It's certain to add significant intensity to any look you're trying out.