Please welcome BLACKBIRD CANDY SHOPPE!!! This 10' x 10' space at the north end of the Blackbird building stocks modern, nostalgic and regional candies from all over the world including locally produced and sourced, handmade ice creams and sorbets from Empire Ice Cream.

After the successful launch of Birgitta, our women's store located inside Blackbird, we wanted to do something with the funny, little unused corner of our building where we had an extra door on Bergen Park. We had sold candy in the past in the store with great success, and feedback from many customers was pure excitement over the idea of a candy store at Blackbird. Ballard means the world to us, so the idea of adding something positive to the community in these strange times would help to bring the community and businesses together. How could we resist.

Now that we've been open for a few weeks (test run) we know who the regulars are going to be and have a list a mile long of recommendations. Keep 'em coming.

What is funny about candy is that of the 100+ people I have asked about their favorite candies, rarely have their been any repeats. Candy is personal and chalk full of memories. What is consistant is that chocolate lovers only love chocolate, you are either a licorice lover or hater, everyone has a candy story that makes them happy. Customer favorites so far include: all of our licorice options, wax bottles, chocolate covered gummy bears, gummy peach rings, Ring Pops and Pop Rocks!

About half of our candy is by the piece and half is by the pound. All bulk candy is mix and match and there are no limitations to how much you may spend. 5 cents is alright by us.

With any Blackbird endevor, we will always be making improvements. Japanese and Chinese candies are expected early next week and signage is awaiting approval from the Historic Society. Stop in and see what we are up to.

Blackbird Candy Shoppe
5410 22nd Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98107
1. 206. 547. 2524

11 am to 7 pm
(except when we want to be open more)

Here are some photos of the construction. We did it all ourselves!

...and here's some photos of the current set-up and some recent local press.

Meet: Andy Ziskis, Confectioneur, Blackbird Candy Shoppe
via the Ballard News Tribune

Meet: Sky King, Confectioneur, Blackbird Candy Shoppe
via Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Logo and branding to come.