Pastiche Project and CMRTYZ presents:
"Mixing Minds"
Saturday, Sept 19th from 5 'til 8pm
676 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, Wa.
International District

If you're looking for something to do with your Saturday night, Blackbird recommends you check out Pastiche Project and CMRTYZ's "Mixing Minds" show where artists from around the country will be congregating with one goal in mind - to share a common love of the handmade.

Artists Audria Brumberg, Chrissy Crum, and C.M. Ruiz (of CMRTYZ fame) will be displaying artwork in each of their preferred medias. Ms. Brumberg will show several of her intricate and enchanting, large-scale illustrations. Ms. Crum is exhibiting a project involving the collected ashes of burned family photographs contained in eggshells which are displayed on the floor where art lovers are encouraged to step on them. Finally, Mr. Ruiz will be revealing his graphic-making process, showing step-by-step how he transforms original drawings or photographs into his distinctive posters, record covers, and silkscreens.

Added bonus: Free cereal and milk will be provided.