Well THAT was fun! The Beets opened our in-store performance up today, and Ty Segall shut it down. Both bands really put on a great show (thanks, guys!), and a rad crowd full of old and new friends showed up. Everybody had a killer time - especially the folks who showed up early and scored a free one-of-a-kind CMRTYZ shirt! Look for more photos and video of this awesome event on the blog this coming week. Here are a few photos to tide you over:

The Beets playing to a full house in between clothes racks.

Ty Segall up close and personal.

Andy from the Candy Shoppe (with the basket of candy) and Adam from the office waiting for the show to start with the rest of the crowd.

Show organizer and rad Blackbird salesguy, Ty (in the white CMRTYZ shirt), chillin' with the other show-goers.

Stay tuned for the next Blackbird In-Store Show. You won't want to miss it!