Hey, all. Remember when we did that post about Peter Nguyen of LEON's leather washing technique? We ran a few of Tim Hamilton's S38 Military Leather Jackets through the process, and we have to say, they turned out awesome. Pre-wash, the jackets were really clean and smooth, so much so that they hardly showed any of the leather's color or textural variation. Washing them gave them a whole new lease on life (so to speak). As you'll see below, their new, lived-in crinkled texture and slight fade changes the entire look, making this once hard-to-pull-off style a newly wearable, completely comfortable, and absolutely beautiful sight to see. Take one of these home for yourself before the Blackbird staff starts fighting over them.

The Tim Hamilton S38 Military Leather Jacket in its original state.

Mid-wash and well on its way.

The final result, as happily modeled by Tyler. Pretty sick, huh?

Tim Hamilton x Blackbird - S38 Military Washed Leather Jacket
in blue
DETAILS: 100% calfskin military jacket with linen and viscose body and sleeve lining, white painted hardwear, and combination snap and two-way zip enclosure. Tim Hamilton's signature luxury and attention to detail come through in the hand-finished construction of this jacket. It comes equipped with three diagonal zip pockets and two flap pockets on the front, a rear zip flap pocket at the shoulders, metallic-tinged linen body lining, and a versatile enclosure system that offers the wearer a few different looks depending on how he does it up. Washed and conditioned by hand at Blackbird headquarters, this coat possesses a unique, ridiculously soft and lived-in texture and look that far differentiates it from any other leather jacket you've ever come across. Wear it as a mid-weight middle layer under a gray, navy, or camel topcoat for extra warmth and a little hint of that faded blue or let it stand out as an outer layer against a contrasting shirt. Note: This faded light blue goes with almost any color - bold or neutral - and this cut and style can carry a dressy or casual look effortlessly.
sizes S, M

To order, call 866-500-2524 or email info@blackbirdballard.com

In addition to making an old jacket style new, the leather washing project also resulted in some sweet looking T-shirts. We balled up a few extra Unholy Matrimony Ballard tees and let them sit underneath the jackets as they dripped. This resulted in the super-rad marbled effect seen below:

Unholy Matrimony - Ballard Print T-Shirt
in dripped on white
DETAILS: 100% cotton hand printed t-shirt with exclusive Ballard print and one-of-a-kind dripped on marbled effect. Represent Blackbird's hood with punk rock gusto in these washed and lightly distressed tees. One of a kind.

To order, call 866-500-2524 or email info@blackbirdballard.com.