Blackbird has carried Billykirk since the early days when we were located in a basement in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, and my sister Heather was running the shop. Back then, we had no idea if handmade leather satchels, wallets and watch bands would sell. I know quality goods when I see them, but would the customers get it? The answer was yes and no. Plenty of customers couldn't understand why they should pay more for a Billykirk belt vs. the ones they offer at stores like J. Crew, and others beamed with delight over the years of fun they would have breaking in the sturdy leather. In the end, Billykirk has stood the test of time at Blackbird and we view the Bray brothers as some of the most genuine and lovely people we work with.

Enjoy the video:

Billykirk from The Scout on Vimeo.

Billykirk - Square Buckle with Reverse Tab
in black or tan

Billykirk - 217 Gusset Zip Wallet
in black