Faliero Sarti has been family owned for over fifty years. Producing their scarves and textiles exclusively in Italy, they have created pieces for designers like Ann Demeulemeester, Julius, Vivienne Westwood, and Giorgio Armani to name a few. Hand finished for unique character, each Faliero Sarti scarf is a one-of-a-kind creation.

This season their luxurious silk and cashmere scarves add popping color and mindboggling drape to every ensemble they're thrown into (or on top of), and with fabrics this soft and easy to wear, we're certain they're going to be a serious hit as the weather starts encouraging you to bundle up. Check out a couple of their most textural offerings below:

Faliero Sarti - Petra M
available in emerald (top) and gray
DETAILS: 70% cashmere 30% silk scarf. Lightweight and soft to the touch, this scarf can play multiple roles. Fold and wrap it carefully for a luxurious, dressed up look or throw it casually about the neck and shoulders for a cool, unaffected feel. Any way it's worn, this eye-catching piece is a show stopper for the adventurous gentleman or lady.
MEASURES: 90cm x 200cm.


Faliero Sarti - Dorita
available in charcoal (top) and dark brick
DETAILS: 100% modal silk scarf. This lightweight scarf's large size and super-fine construction lend themselves to incomparable drape and wearability. Wear this stunning piece as a hood or a shawl, or wrap it multiple times for ultimate volume.
MEASURES: 130cm x 200cm.