Hey, all. We hope you're recovering alright from your Thanksgiving Day food comas and that you all had a lovely time wherever you spent your Turkey Day. Now that you're all fed up for the rest of the season, it's time to focus on what the upcoming holiday season is all about: giving (no, seriously, you guys).

Each year we like to make a daily suggestion to help our customers track down great gift ideas for everybody on their list, and this year we're gonna be sure to cover everybody - from your cool guy brother-in-law to your candy maniac aunt to your super-goth cousin to your hard-to-shop-for Dad (we've got experience with and ideas for all of the above - trust us).

To start, we're going with the ultimate holiday gift: slippers. Everybody likes something comfy to slip their feet into, and the Uggs that Grandma's been sending for the last few seasons are played out (sorry, Gran, but somebody's gotta come clean). Quoddy of Maine has been around for a century, so they've got comfy down to a science. We give you Blackbird Holiday Gift Idea #1: Quoddy 104 Grizzly Mocs.

Quoddy - 104 Grizzly Moc
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DETAILS: Leather moccasins with collar style lace system, and thick Chromepak leather sole. Equipped with a layer of memory foam underneath the footbed, fully lined with deerskin, and featuring an outdoor-friendly soft leather sole that will mold to your foot shape, these luxurious handmade moccasins wrap your feet in comfort and look great while they're doing it. Wear them with any casual pair of jeans or pants this fall, and next spring wear them barefoot with shorts. Note: These mocs run a little big, and because they're so open on top we'd recommend sizing down half a size. Also, Quoddy's soles are replaceable, extending the life and value of each pair. Handmade in Maine, USA.