Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D93G257 Big Bag
in black
DETAILS: 100% cowskin nubuck bag with specially designed oversized chrome hardware and multiple carry handles and straps. This do-it-all bag's lightly weathered exterior features intricate pleating and seamwork in a crazy soft, slouchy blue black nubuck. The bag's functional capabilities are obvious with a roomy zippered pocket and four snap closure side pockets on the exterior and a large, cotton lined interior compartment with two patch pockets for organization. Additionally, its multiple carrying options include two adjustable top carry handles, an adjustable/removable cotton and leather shoulder strap with impressive oversized clips, and - our favorite - adjustable backpack style straps that can be concealed in hidden snap and zipper closure pockets on the back on the bag. As always, Diet Butcher Slim Skin's unique detailing and design perspective make this carryall completely desirable for anyone who appreciates quality materials and construction and one-of-a-kind good looks. Made in Japan.
MEASURES: approximately 20"H x 16"W x 13"D.


Editor's Note: I've got to say that this is by far my favorite Diet Butcher bag of all time. This beautiful bluish black leather is crazy soft and possesses a super unique micro-cracked texture I've never seen before in nubuck (I can't think of how to describe it better, so I coined a term: micro-cracked. If you look closely, sections of it look like a dried up, cracked dead riverbed from 50 feet up a tree. Crazy thing is, it's still as soft as baby bat wings.). Add that to the oversized/overdesigned hardware (check out the clip on the shoulder strap), the completely genius stowable backpack straps, and the overlapping bivalve-style side pockets? Come on - it's too good. -Kris