Blackbird is pleased to announce the arrival of our second delivery from Ballard punk silkscreen outfit, CMRTYZ. Ty (TYZ) and Carlos (CMR) were good enough to walk our order of Mondo Shredders and Never Been Paid For tees over to the office, and we were only too happy to take them off their hands. Scroll down to check out CMRTYZ's recent wine-and-moonlight fueled photo shoot featuring the boys and their pals and some of that the shreddy goodness.

From left: CMRTYZ mascot, Luna; Nate, bassist of local garage doom band, Prison; TYZ; Prison drummer and Blackbird employee, Kris (in a gray Mondo Shredder); CMR

Local Swedish transplant, Ulrika, peeks out from under the shred.

Luna by the light of the moon.

CMR at one with the night and the tide.

Kris flees the light in a gray Mondo Shredder.

CMRTYZ - Mondo Shredders
available in white, black, and spray-dyed gray (done by hand and exclusive to Blackbird!)
DETAILS: 100% pima cotton hand shredded short sleeve T-shirt with distressed collar, sleeves, and hem. CMRTYZ is a two-man, hands-on, DIY operation and their Mondo Shredders are the perfect example of everything that's right about their aesthetic. Each shirt's back panel is painstakingly shredded by hand, washed, and hung to develop a one-of-a-kind shape unique to each individual garment. Pair your Shredder with long and short layers to let that ghostly, cobweb length take dramatic effect, and wear it hard. Each Mondo Shredder gets better and better with every hole, tear, rip, and stain.


Note: all photos by Kristeen Lehn, courtesy of CMRTYZ. To see more photos from this shoot, visit