In the time honored tradition of gentlemen growing hair on their faces, it's BEARD & STACHE FEST 2010 time again. Let's spend the month of February celebrating facial hair (on men) and raising sacks of cash for Treehouse, and the foster kids of King County.

Teams from all over the city will participate but this year, Blackbird has a team of our own! All the guys had their pictures taken and we'll post those once they are published.

Adam Garnich
Alexander Ingle
Ben Fife
Charles Leo Gebhardt IV
William Moore

How can I donate, you ask?! All it takes is a dime, a quarter, a buck...any loose change you have lyin' around. Just drop into Blackbird and pick your favorite beard or stache pictured on a can, and drop in your contribution, as many times as you wish! Each team is trying to gather as much money as possible by collecting your donations. There will be many more events happening about town in honor of this festival and cause as well.

Here are the voting locations:

The main event kicks off tonight, 8pm at Blue C Sushi in Fremont. This will be the only time where all the participants cans and photos will be seen in one venue! As for the rest of the month, follow this link to view the calendar, and get a more full perspective on the festivities which include a bearded lady contest and a foot race:

Leo from the 2009 BSF

As for Blackbird, we will also be having a little bearded competition within the store for all of you to participate in. Stay tuned into the blog, or stop by the shop for more details...