Upon arriving at our computers this morning, we were pleased to find that local blogger, Pat My Butter, had posted a wonderfully colorful feature on the Blackbird Candy Shoppe. They had some very nice things to say about the shoppe, and some even nicer photos. Check 'em out:

Bottom, left to right: Jelly beans in 49 assorted flavors, coconut, sour cherry, tangerine, buttered popcorn, mango, and juicy pear.

Clockwise from top: antique glass candy dishes, Rococo chocolates, and B.T. McElrath chocolate coins.

Center: our candy guy, Sky.

Blackbird Candy Shoppe
5410 22nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
tel: +1 206 547 2524
open every day from 11am - 7pm

Right now, receive 30% off of your purchase of any of our seasonal candies. Hurry in while supplies last!

All photos courtesy of Pat My Butter. To see the original Pat My Butter blog post, click here.