As we reach the half way point of February, we would like to thank all those who have given their votes and donations on the Blackbird team's behalf. The Beard and Stache Festival continues to run through the rest of the month, and all the team locations are still collecting money for the foster children of Seattle, so please continue to vote and vote often!

In addition, as participants stop by to pick up their supplies, Blackbird and The Field House will be keeping inventory of our favorite Beard or Mustache. we hope to keep up the awareness of the Beard and Stache Fest, and more importantly it's purpose of of raising money for foster children of King County.

Every beard or mustache needs some good grooming and a little love now and then, so why not spoil that face of yours with Baxter's Super Close Shave Formula and After Shave Balm? Baxter has been good enough to partner with Blackbird to put together a special “Post-Beard and Stache Festival Clean Up” package for all the Beard and Stache Festival Participants which includes 4 oz. containers of both great shave products. We have one of each complementary travel size products for each of the contestants! Thanks, Baxter!